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Hertz Asphalt and Concrete Services has served the Nashville, Tennessee area for over 25 years specializing in residential and commercial asphalt and concrete paving. Donnie Moore, owner, and operator has over 35+ years of experience in the construction industry and has exceeded his customer’s expectations in all areas of contracting.

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We will bid the job to your specifications and considers their work to be exemplary compared to their competition.

Hertz Asphalt and Concrete Services takes pride in the fact that it will have a response to your contracting inquiries within twenty-four hours. We look forward to serving you and take pride in knowing that we are the best that the contracting industry has to offer in Nashville, Tennessee!

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Donnie Moore

Donnie Moore


Donnie Moore is the creator of Hertz Asphalt and Concrete Services offering the business 30 + years experience in the industry of Asphalt and Concrete work. He has over the years performed work for such commercial vendors as Rooms To Go, Target, Krystal Restaurants, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Goodwill industries, Maxwell House Hotel, U-Haul, to name a few.

Hertz is also called upon to do repairs for Metro street patches and city related projects. Hertz also offers services to the individual needing work done on residential homes. That includes driveways, patios, sidewalks and other asphalt and concrete needs. Mr. Moore offers two bids for each person requesting a bid (asphalt and a concrete bid for comparison) so they can see which procedure best suits their needs.

NOTE: If interested make the sales representative aware that you request both.